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Mauss International n°1 : "Opening Gift"


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Table of Contents

Opening Gift – Contributions’ Presentation

I Moving Beyond


Mission Statement of the MAUSS International

II – Opening Gifts


“The New MAUSSqueteers”
      David Graeber

“Are you Ready to Extract Yourself from the Economy?”
      Bruno Latour

“The Dismal Science”
      Marshall Sahlins

“Our Gift Paradigm”
      Mary Douglas

III – Lineages of the Gift

“Preface to the Chinese Translation of Marcel Mauss’ The Gift”
      Alain Caillé

“Dialogical Bridges and Anti-Utilitarian Alliances”
      Ilana F. Silber

“Giving Care”
      Elena Pulcini

“Heidegger and the Gift of Being: Denken is Danken”
      Stephen Fuchs

IV – Of  MAUSSes, RATs and CATs

“What’s Wrong with the RAT’S? Interest, Rationality and Culture in American Sociology”
      C. Calhoun & L. Wacquant

“Anti-Utilitarian Theory From Durkheim to Parsons and Cultural Sociology”

      Jeffrey Alexander

“The Bird in Hand: Rational Choice – The Default Mode of Social Theorizing”

      Peter Wagner

“The Structure of Social Facts: Self, Objects and Action as Products of Reciprocity and Cooperation in Constitutive Practices”

      Anne Rawls

“The Gift of Laughter”
      David Le Breton

V – Another Social Science is Possible

“For Another World History of Sociology”

      Stéphane Dufoix

“The Fate of Institutions in the Social Sciences”
      Christian Laval

“Connecting Sociology to Moral Philosophy in the Post-Secularity Framework”
      Sari Hanafi

VI – Our Debts

“Marcel Hénaff, Philosopher and Anthropologist”
      Francesco Fistetti

“Marcel Hénaff and the Heterogeneity of Gift Practices”
      Olli Pyythinen

“Note from the Underground”
      Fyodor Dostoïevski

VII – Public Sociology à la française

“For a Radical Moderationism and a Maussian Ethic of Discussion”

      Alain Caillé

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